design palet

design palet LUMO interior textile collection is like a piece of Finnish nature. Textile designer and artisan Kirsi Niemelä's first collection combines natural forms made of environmentally friendly natural materials, and a fascinating story of the forest. As a counterpart for the busy life she designed imaginative products for relaxed being.

"Slow living, well-being and relaxation were the key words in the design. The collection combines all my expertise; product design, surface design, manufacturing with a variety of techniques and the knowledge of materials. The collection is very versatile and expanding gradually with new products. Nature and surfaces formed by nature fascinate me; I get the inspiration from my summer cottage in the middle of a spruce forest, which is an important place for me to relax."

Kirsi Niemelä

LUMO collection

"As I was spending time in my summer cottage I got an inspiration to design tree trunk shaped interior decoration out of textiles. Soft materials bring the calming atmosphere of the forest indoors. While wandering around the forest during my inspiration trip I noticed a great ural owl following me through pine branches. The owl enchanted me, thus he became the whole heart of my collection. The ural owls prosper in coniferous woods and their feather cover reminded me of the bark surface of the trees. The printings have been hand painted and partially drawn by using photographs as help. The simplistic graphical handprint in the shapes of the surfaces makes the pattern both hand printable and timeless."

The trunk shaped Pölli-footstool may be used as a little table or seat or you can pile some as a tree. The cleverly sized Halko-pillow supports your back or neck during relaxation moments, but serves as a witty decoration element as well. The covers are removable for washing. The interiors of the footstool and pillow are of domestic origin and available in different densities.

The cloth covered guestbook is versatile and may be used as notebook, for sketching or simply as a guestbook. It is available with or without lines. The hand printed linen covers may be switched to a new A5-sized book as the pages fill up. Also the book is of domestic origin.

All products are handmade in Finland.